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The Hello Forge project is divided into several components. All components have a themed, one word title, which is suggested by their purpose.

Remember, Hello Forge is still under heavy development. Most of the features mentioned here have not been completed, and only mean plans.


There are several free, reliable and portable C++ libraries designed for cross-platform application development. Spectrum is yet another; geared towards modular, powerful and easy application-portability.

Systems Overview


Night is an engine built to power cutting-edge 3D applications, harnessing the highest technique of 3-Dimensional computing. It involves all of the math behind 3D imagery and physics... more information coming later.


Stone includes a library for packing structured data within a file; supporting several 3rd-party file formats, as well as Hello Forge's own formats. Along with this essential back-end, Stone provides content authoring tools that enable users to "sculpt" into the "stone" - or design files & packaged content. These modular tools can be combined to form almost anything needed... more information coming later.